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Antibody PDB Files, sorted by Type of Molecule

Entire Antibody
FAB or FAB' Fragment
FV Fragment
scFV Fragment
VL/CL (Bence-Jones Protein)
VL Domain
VH Domain

Entire Antibody

    ID  original PDB File   Source  Mol. Res.    Renumbered VL Domain      Renumbered VH Domain

   1IGA    pdb1iga.ent          human   IGA  Model vl_1iga.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1iga.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IGY    pdb1igy.ent         murine  IGG1  3.2Å  vl_1igy.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1igy.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MCO    pdb1mco.ent          human  IGG1  3.2Å  vl_1mco.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1mco.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IGT    pdb1igt.ent         murine  IGG2A 2.8Å  vl_1igt.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1igt.pdb (renumbered VH)

FAB or FAB' Fragment

    ID  original PDB File   Source  Mol. Res.    Renumbered VL Domain      Renumbered VH Domain

   12E8    pdb12e8.ent         murine   FAB  1.9Å  vl_12e8.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_12e8.pdb (renumbered VH)
   15C8    pdb15c8.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_15c8.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_15c8.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A0Q    pdb1a0q.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1a0q.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a0q.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A3L    pdb1a3l.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1a3l.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a3l.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A3R    pdb1a3r.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1a3r.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a3r.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A4J    pdb1a4j.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1a4j.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a4j.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A4K    pdb1a4k.ent         murine   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1a4k.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a4k.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A5F    pdb1a5f.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1a5f.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a5f.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A6T    pdb1a6t.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1a6t.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a6t.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1ACY    pdb1acy.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1acy.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1acy.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AD0    pdb1ad0.ent      humanized   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1ad0.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ad0.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AD9    pdb1ad9.ent      humanized   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1ad9.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ad9.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1ADQ    pdb1adq.ent          human   FAB  3.2Å  vl_1adq.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1adq.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AE6    pdb1ae6.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1ae6.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ae6.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AFV    pdb1afv.ent         murine   FAB  3.7Å  vl_1afv.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1afv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AHW    pdb1ahw.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1ahw.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ahw.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AI1    pdb1ai1.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1ai1.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ai1.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AIF    pdb1aif.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1aif.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1aif.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AJ7    pdb1aj7.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1aj7.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1aj7.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AQK    pdb1aqk.ent          human   FAB  1.8Å  vl_1aqk.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1aqk.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AXS    pdb1axs.ent      humanized   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1axs.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1axs.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AXT    pdb1axt.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_1axt.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1axt.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AY1    pdb1ay1.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_1ay1.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ay1.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1B2W    pdb1b2w.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1b2w.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1b2w.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1B4J    pdb1b4j.ent      humanized   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1b4j.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1b4j.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BAF    pdb1baf.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1baf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1baf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BBD    pdb1bbd.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1bbd.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bbd.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BBJ    pdb1bbj.ent         murine   FAB  3.1Å  vl_1bbj.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bbj.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BEY    pdb1bey.ent  rat,humanized   FAB  3.3Å  vl_1bey.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bey.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BFO    pdb1bfo.ent            rat   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1bfo.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bfo.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BGX    pdb1bgx.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1bgx.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bgx.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BJ1    pdb1bj1.ent      humanized   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1bj1.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bj1.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BLN    pdb1bln.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1bln.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bln.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BM3    pdb1bm3.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1bm3.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bm3.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BOG    pdb1bog.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1bog.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bog.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BQL    pdb1bql.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1bql.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bql.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BZ7    pdb1bz7.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1bz7.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bz7.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1C12    pdb1c12.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1c12.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1c12.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1C1E    pdb1c1e.ent         murine   FAB  1.9Å  vl_1c1e.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1c1e.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1C5B    pdb1c5b.ent      humanized   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1c5b.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1c5b.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1C5C    pdb1c5c.ent      humanized   FAB  1.6Å  vl_1c5c.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1c5c.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1C5D    pdb1c5d.ent            rat   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1c5d.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1c5d.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1C9R    pdb1c9r.ent         murine   FAB  3.5Å  vl_1c9r.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1c9r.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CBV    pdb1cbv.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1cbv.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cbv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CE1    pdb1ce1.ent     engineered   FAB  1.9Å  vl_1ce1.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ce1.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CF8    pdb1cf8.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1cf8.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cf8.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CFN    pdb1cfn.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1cfn.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cfn.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CFQ    pdb1cfq.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1cfq.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cfq.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CFS    pdb1cfs.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1cfs.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cfs.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CFT    pdb1cft.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1cft.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cft.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CGS    pdb1cgs.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1cgs.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cgs.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CIC    pdb1cic.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1cic.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cic.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CL7    pdb1cl7.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1cl7.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cl7.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CLO    pdb1clo.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1clo.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1clo.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CLY    pdb1cly.ent          human   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1cly.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cly.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CLZ    pdb1clz.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1clz.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1clz.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CR9    pdb1cr9.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1cr9.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cr9.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CT8    pdb1ct8.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_1ct8.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ct8.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CU4    pdb1cu4.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1cu4.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cu4.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CZ8    pdb1cz8.ent      humanized   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1cz8.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cz8.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1D5B    pdb1d5b.ent      humanized   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1d5b.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1d5b.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1D5I    pdb1d5i.ent      humanized   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1d5i.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1d5i.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1D6V    pdb1d6v.ent      humanized   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1d6v.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1d6v.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DBA    pdb1dba.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1dba.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dba.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DBB    pdb1dbb.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1dbb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dbb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DBJ    pdb1dbj.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1dbj.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dbj.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DBK    pdb1dbk.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1dbk.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dbk.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DBM    pdb1dbm.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1dbm.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dbm.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DEE    pdb1dee.ent          human   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1dee.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dee.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DFB    pdb1dfb.ent          human   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1dfb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dfb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DN0    pdb1dn0.ent          human   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1dn0.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dn0.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DQD    pdb1dqd.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1dqd.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dqd.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DQJ    pdb1dqj.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1dqj.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dqj.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DQM    pdb1dqm.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1dqm.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dqm.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DQQ    pdb1dqq.ent         murine   FAB  1.8Å  vl_1dqq.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dqq.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1E6J    pdb1e6j.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1e6j.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1e6j.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1E6O    pdb1e6o.ent         murine   FAB  1.8Å  vl_1e6o.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1e6o.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1EAP    pdb1eap.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1eap.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1eap.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1EGJ    pdb1egj.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1egj.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1egj.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1EHL    pdb1ehl.ent         murine   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1ehl.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ehl.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1EJO    pdb1ejo.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1ejo.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ejo.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1EM4    pdb1em4.ent         murine   FAB  Model vl_1em4.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1em4.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1EMT    pdb1emt.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1emt.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1emt.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1EO8    pdb1eo8.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1eo8.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1eo8.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1ETZ    pdb1etz.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1etz.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1etz.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1F11    pdb1f11.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1f11.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1f11.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1F3D    pdb1f3d.ent         murine   FAB  1.9Å  vl_1f3d.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1f3d.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1F4W    pdb1f4w.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1f4w.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1f4w.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1F4X    pdb1f4x.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1f4x.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1f4x.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1F4Y    pdb1f4y.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1f4y.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1f4y.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1F58    pdb1f58.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1f58.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1f58.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FAI    pdb1fai.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1fai.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fai.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FBI    pdb1fbi.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1fbi.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fbi.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FDL    pdb1fdl.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1fdl.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fdl.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FGN    pdb1fgn.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1fgn.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fgn.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FH5    pdb1fh5.ent          human   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1fh5.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fh5.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FIG    pdb1fig.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1fig.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fig.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FJ1    pdb1fj1.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1fj1.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fj1.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FL3    pdb1fl3.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1fl3.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fl3.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FLR    pdb1flr.ent          human   FAB  1.9Å  vl_1flr.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1flr.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FNS    pdb1fns.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1fns.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fns.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FOR    pdb1for.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1for.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1for.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FPT    pdb1fpt.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1fpt.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fpt.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FRG    pdb1frg.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1frg.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1frg.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FSK    pdb1fsk.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1fsk.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fsk.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FVD    pdb1fvd.ent      humanized   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1fvd.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fvd.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FVE    pdb1fve.ent      humanized   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1fve.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fve.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1G9M    pdb1g9m.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_1g9m.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1g9m.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1G9N    pdb1g9n.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1g9n.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1g9n.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1GAF    pdb1gaf.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1gaf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1gaf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1GC1    pdb1gc1.ent          human   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1gc1.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1gc1.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1GGB    pdb1ggb.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1ggb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ggb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1GGC    pdb1ggc.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1ggc.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ggc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1GGI    pdb1ggi.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1ggi.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ggi.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1GHF    pdb1ghf.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1ghf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ghf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1GIG    pdb1gig.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1gig.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1gig.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1GPO    pdb1gpo.ent     engineered   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1gpo.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1gpo.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HH6    pdb1hh6.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1hh6.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hh6.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HH9    pdb1hh9.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1hh9.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hh9.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HI6    pdb1hi6.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1hi6.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hi6.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HIL    pdb1hil.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1hil.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hil.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HIM    pdb1him.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1him.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1him.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HIN    pdb1hin.ent         murine   FAB  3.1Å  vl_1hin.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hin.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HKL    pdb1hkl.ent      humanized   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1hkl.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hkl.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HYX    pdb1hyx.ent         murine   FAB  1.8Å  vl_1hyx.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hyx.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HYY    pdb1hyy.ent         murine   FAB  1.8Å  vl_1hyy.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hyy.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IAI    pdb1iai.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1iai.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1iai.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IBG    pdb1ibg.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1ibg.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ibg.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IFH    pdb1ifh.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1ifh.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ifh.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IGC    pdb1igc.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1igc.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1igc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IGF    pdb1igf.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1igf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1igf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IGI    pdb1igi.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1igi.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1igi.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IGJ    pdb1igj.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1igj.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1igj.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IKF    pdb1ikf.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1ikf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ikf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IND    pdb1ind.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_1ind.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1ind.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1INE    pdb1ine.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1ine.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1ine.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1JRH    pdb1jrh.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1jrh.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1jrh.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1KB5    pdb1kb5.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1kb5.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1kb5.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1KEL    pdb1kel.ent         murine   FAB  1.9Å  vl_1kel.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1kel.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1KEM    pdb1kem.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_1kem.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1kem.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1KNO    pdb1kno.ent         murine   FAB  3.2Å  vl_1kno.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1kno.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MAM    pdb1mam.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1mam.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mam.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MCP    pdb1mcp.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_1mcp.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mcp.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MF2    pdb1mf2.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1mf2.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mf2.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MFB    pdb1mfb.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1mfb.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1mfb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MFC    pdb1mfc.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1mfc.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1mfc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MFD    pdb1mfd.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1mfd.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1mfd.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MFE    pdb1mfe.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1mfe.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1mfe.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MIM    pdb1mim.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1mim.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mim.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MLB    pdb1mlb.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1mlb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mlb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MLC    pdb1mlc.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1mlc.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mlc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MNU    pdb1mnu.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1mnu.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mnu.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MPA    pdb1mpa.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1mpa.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mpa.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MRC    pdb1mrc.ent         murine   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1mrc.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mrc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MRD    pdb1mrd.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1mrd.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mrd.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MRE    pdb1mre.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1mre.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mre.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MRF    pdb1mrf.ent         murine   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1mrf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mrf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NBV    pdb1nbv.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1nbv.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1nbv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NCA    pdb1nca.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1nca.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1nca.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NCB    pdb1ncb.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1ncb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ncb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NCC    pdb1ncc.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1ncc.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ncc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NCD    pdb1ncd.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1ncd.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ncd.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NFD    pdb1nfd.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1nfd.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1nfd.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NGP    pdb1ngp.ent         murine   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1ngp.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1ngp.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NGQ    pdb1ngq.ent         murine   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1ngq.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1ngq.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NLD    pdb1nld.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1nld.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1nld.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NMA    pdb1nma.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1nma.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1nma.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NMB    pdb1nmb.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1nmb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1nmb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NSN    pdb1nsn.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_1nsn.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1nsn.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1OAK    pdb1oak.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_1oak.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1oak.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1OBE    pdb1obe.ent          human   FAB  Model vl_1obe.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1obe.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1OPG    pdb1opg.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1opg.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1opg.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1OSP    pdb1osp.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1osp.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1osp.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1PLG    pdb1plg.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1plg.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1plg.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1PSK    pdb1psk.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1psk.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1psk.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QBL    pdb1qbl.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1qbl.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qbl.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QBM    pdb1qbm.ent         murine   FAB  2.4Å  vl_1qbm.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qbm.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QFU    pdb1qfu.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1qfu.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qfu.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QGC    pdb1qgc.ent         murine   FAB    EM  vl_1qgc.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qgc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QKZ    pdb1qkz.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1qkz.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qkz.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QLR    pdb1qlr.ent          human   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1qlr.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qlr.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1R24    pdb1r24.ent         murine   FAB  3.1Å  vl_1r24.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1r24.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1RMF    pdb1rmf.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_1rmf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1rmf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1RVF    pdb1rvf.ent         murine   FAB  4.0Å  vl_1rvf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1rvf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1SBS    pdb1sbs.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1sbs.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1sbs.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1SM3    pdb1sm3.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1sm3.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1sm3.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1TET    pdb1tet.ent         murine   FAB  2.3Å  vl_1tet.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1tet.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1UCB    pdb1ucb.ent      humanized   FAB  2.5Å  vl_1ucb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ucb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1VGE    pdb1vge.ent          human   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1vge.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1vge.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1WEJ    pdb1wej.ent         murine   FAB  1.8Å  vl_1wej.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1wej.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YEC    pdb1yec.ent         murine   FAB  1.9Å  vl_1yec.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yec.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YED    pdb1yed.ent         murine   FAB  3.1Å  vl_1yed.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yed.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YEE    pdb1yee.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_1yee.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yee.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YEF    pdb1yef.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1yef.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yef.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YEG    pdb1yeg.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_1yeg.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yeg.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YEH    pdb1yeh.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_1yeh.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yeh.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YEI    pdb1yei.ent         murine   FAB  1.9Å  vl_1yei.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yei.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YEJ    pdb1yej.ent         murine   FAB  1.9Å  vl_1yej.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yej.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YEK    pdb1yek.ent         murine   FAB  2.1Å  vl_1yek.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1yek.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1YUH    pdb1yuh.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_1yuh.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1yuh.pdb (renumbered VH)
   25C8    pdb25c8.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_25c8.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_25c8.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2CGR    pdb2cgr.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_2cgr.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2cgr.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2DBL    pdb2dbl.ent         murine   FAB  2.9Å  vl_2dbl.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2dbl.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2F19    pdb2f19.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_2f19.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2f19.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2F58    pdb2f58.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_2f58.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2f58.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2FB4    pdb2fb4.ent          human   FAB  1.9Å  vl_2fb4.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_2fb4.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2FBJ    pdb2fbj.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_2fbj.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2fbj.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2FGW    pdb2fgw.ent      humanized   FAB  3.0Å  vl_2fgw.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2fgw.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2GFB    pdb2gfb.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_2gfb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2gfb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2H1P    pdb2h1p.ent         murine   FAB  2.4Å  vl_2h1p.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2h1p.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2HMI    pdb2hmi.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_2hmi.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2hmi.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2HRP    pdb2hrp.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_2hrp.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2hrp.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2IFF    pdb2iff.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_2iff.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2iff.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2IG2    pdb2ig2.ent          human   FAB  3.0Å  vl_2ig2.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_2ig2.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2IGF    pdb2igf.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_2igf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2igf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2JEL    pdb2jel.ent         murine   FAB  2.5Å  vl_2jel.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2jel.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2MCP    pdb2mcp.ent         murine   FAB  3.1Å  vl_2mcp.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2mcp.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2MPA    pdb2mpa.ent         murine   FAB  2.6Å  vl_2mpa.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2mpa.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2PCP    pdb2pcp.ent         murine   FAB  2.2Å  vl_2pcp.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2pcp.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2PSK    pdb2psk.ent         murine   FAB  Model vl_2psk.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2psk.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2RCS    pdb2rcs.ent      humanized   FAB  2.1Å  vl_2rcs.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2rcs.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2VIR    pdb2vir.ent         murine   FAB  3.3Å  vl_2vir.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_2vir.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2VIS    pdb2vis.ent         murine   FAB  3.3Å  vl_2vis.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_2vis.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2VIT    pdb2vit.ent         murine   FAB  3.3Å  vl_2vit.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_2vit.pdb (renumbered VH)
   32C2    pdb32c2.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_32c2.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_32c2.pdb (renumbered VH)
   35C8    pdb35c8.ent         murine   FAB  2.0Å  vl_35c8.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_35c8.pdb (renumbered VH)
   3F58    pdb3f58.ent         murine   FAB  2.8Å  vl_3f58.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_3f58.pdb (renumbered VH)
   3FCT    pdb3fct.ent      humanized   FAB  2.4Å  vl_3fct.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_3fct.pdb (renumbered VH)
   3HFL    pdb3hfl.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_3hfl.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_3hfl.pdb (renumbered VH)
   3HFM    pdb3hfm.ent         murine   FAB  3.0Å  vl_3hfm.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_3hfm.pdb (renumbered VH)
   4FAB    pdb4fab.ent         murine   FAB  2.7Å  vl_4fab.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_4fab.pdb (renumbered VH)
   6FAB    pdb6fab.ent         murine   FAB  1.9Å  vl_6fab.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_6fab.pdb (renumbered VH)
   7FAB    pdb7fab.ent          human   FAB  2.0Å  vl_7fab.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_7fab.pdb (renumbered VH)
   8FAB    pdb8fab.ent          human   FAB  1.8Å  vl_8fab.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_8fab.pdb (renumbered VH)

FV Fragment

    ID  original PDB File   Source  Mol. Res.    Renumbered VL Domain      Renumbered VH Domain

   1A2Y    pdb1a2y.ent         murine    FV  1.5Å  vl_1a2y.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a2y.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A6U    pdb1a6u.ent         murine    FV  2.0Å  vl_1a6u.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1a6u.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A6V    pdb1a6v.ent         murine    FV  1.8Å  vl_1a6v.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1a6v.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A6W    pdb1a6w.ent         murine    FV  1.8Å  vl_1a6w.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1a6w.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A7N    pdb1a7n.ent         murine    FV  2.0Å  vl_1a7n.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a7n.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A7O    pdb1a7o.ent         murine    FV  2.0Å  vl_1a7o.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a7o.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A7P    pdb1a7p.ent         murine    FV  2.0Å  vl_1a7p.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a7p.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A7Q    pdb1a7q.ent         murine    FV  2.0Å  vl_1a7q.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a7q.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1A7R    pdb1a7r.ent         murine    FV  2.0Å  vl_1a7r.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a7r.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AAG    pdb1aag.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_1aag.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1aag.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AR1    pdb1ar1.ent         murine    FV  2.7Å  vl_1ar1.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ar1.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1ATM    pdb1atm.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_1atm.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1atm.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BFV    pdb1bfv.ent         murine    FV  2.1Å  vl_1bfv.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bfv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BVK    pdb1bvk.ent      humanized    FV  2.7Å  vl_1bvk.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bvk.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1BVL    pdb1bvl.ent      humanized    FV  2.9Å  vl_1bvl.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1bvl.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1C08    pdb1c08.ent         murine    FV  2.3Å  vl_1c08.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1c08.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1CFV    pdb1cfv.ent         murine    FV  2.1Å  vl_1cfv.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1cfv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DLF    pdb1dlf.ent         murine    FV  1.5Å  vl_1dlf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dlf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DQL    pdb1dql.ent          human    FV  2.6Å  vl_1dql.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dql.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DSF    pdb1dsf.ent         murine    FV  2.2Å  vl_1dsf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dsf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DVF    pdb1dvf.ent         murine    FV  1.9Å  vl_1dvf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dvf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DX2    pdb1dx2.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_1dx2.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dx2.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DX3    pdb1dx3.ent          human    FV  Model vl_1dx3.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dx3.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1F3R    pdb1f3r.ent            rat    FV  Model vl_1f3r.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1f3r.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FGV    pdb1fgv.ent      humanized    FV  1.9Å  vl_1fgv.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fgv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FVB    pdb1fvb.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_1fvb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fvb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FVC    pdb1fvc.ent      humanized    FV  2.2Å  vl_1fvc.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fvc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1FVW    pdb1fvw.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_1fvw.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1fvw.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1G7H    pdb1g7h.ent         murine    FV  1.9Å  vl_1g7h.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1g7h.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1G7I    pdb1g7i.ent         murine    FV  1.8Å  vl_1g7i.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1g7i.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1G7J    pdb1g7j.ent         murine    FV  1.8Å  vl_1g7j.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1g7j.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1G7L    pdb1g7l.ent         murine    FV  2.0Å  vl_1g7l.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1g7l.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1G7M    pdb1g7m.ent         murine    FV  1.9Å  vl_1g7m.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1g7m.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HFM    pdb1hfm.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_1hfm.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hfm.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HOU    pdb1hou.ent          human    FV  Model vl_1hou.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1hou.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IGM    pdb1igm.ent          human    FV  2.3Å  vl_1igm.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1igm.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1IIF    pdb1iif.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_1iif.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1iif.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1JHL    pdb1jhl.ent         murine    FV  2.4Å  vl_1jhl.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1jhl.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1KIP    pdb1kip.ent         murine    FV  2.1Å  vl_1kip.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1kip.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1KIQ    pdb1kiq.ent         murine    FV  1.9Å  vl_1kiq.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1kiq.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1KIR    pdb1kir.ent         murine    FV  2.0Å  vl_1kir.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1kir.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MIG    pdb1mig.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_1mig.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1mig.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QFW    pdb1qfw.ent          Ecoli    FV  3.5Å  vl_1qfw.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qfw.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QLE    pdb1qle.ent         murine    FV  3.0Å  vl_1qle.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qle.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QNZ    pdb1qnz.ent         murine    FV   NMR  vl_1qnz.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qnz.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1VFA    pdb1vfa.ent         murine    FV  1.8Å  vl_1vfa.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1vfa.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1VFB    pdb1vfb.ent         murine    FV  1.8Å  vl_1vfb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1vfb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2BFV    pdb2bfv.ent         murine    FV  2.5Å  vl_2bfv.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2bfv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2DLF    pdb2dlf.ent         murine    FV  1.5Å  vl_2dlf.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2dlf.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2FVB    pdb2fvb.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_2fvb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2fvb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2FVW    pdb2fvw.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_2fvw.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2fvw.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2HFM    pdb2hfm.ent         murine    FV  Model vl_2hfm.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2hfm.pdb (renumbered VH)
   43C9    pdb43c9.ent         murine    FV  2.2Å  vl_43c9.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_43c9.pdb (renumbered VH)
   43CA    pdb43ca.ent         murine    FV  2.3Å  vl_43ca.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_43ca.pdb (renumbered VH)

scFV Fragment

    ID  original PDB File   Source  Mol. Res.    Renumbered VL Domain      Renumbered VH Domain

   1A14    pdb1a14.ent     engineered  scFV  2.5Å  vl_1a14.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1a14.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1AP2    pdb1ap2.ent         murine  SCFV  2.4Å  vl_1ap2.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1ap2.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DL7    pdb1dl7.ent          human  scFV  2.4Å  vl_1dl7.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1dl7.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DZB    pdb1dzb.ent         murine  scFV  2.0Å  vl_1dzb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1dzb.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MFA    pdb1mfa.ent         murine  scFV  1.7Å  vl_1mfa.pdb (renumbered VL)   vh_1mfa.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NMC    pdb1nmc.ent   murine/synth  scFV  2.5Å  vl_1nmc.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1nmc.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QOK    pdb1qok.ent         murine  scFV  2.4Å  vl_1qok.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1qok.pdb (renumbered VH)
   2AP2    pdb2ap2.ent         murine  scFV  2.4Å  vl_2ap2.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_2ap2.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1NQB    pdb1nqb.ent         murine  scFV3 2.0Å  vl_1nqb.pdb (renumbered VK)   vh_1nqb.pdb (renumbered VH)

VLCL (Bence-Jones-Protein)

    ID  original PDB File   Source  Mol. Res.    Renumbered VL Domain      Renumbered VH Domain

   1A8J    pdb1a8j.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1a8j.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1B6D    pdb1b6d.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1b6d.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1BJM    pdb1bjm.ent          human  VL/CL 2.2Å  vl_1bjm.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1LIL    pdb1lil.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1lil.pdb (renumbered VL) 
   1MCB    pdb1mcb.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcb.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCC    pdb1mcc.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcc.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCD    pdb1mcd.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcd.pdb (renumbered VL) 
   1MCE    pdb1mce.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mce.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCF    pdb1mcf.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcf.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCH    pdb1mch.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mch.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCI    pdb1mci.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mci.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCJ    pdb1mcj.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcj.pdb (renumbered VL) 
   1MCK    pdb1mck.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mck.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCL    pdb1mcl.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcl.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCN    pdb1mcn.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcn.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCQ    pdb1mcq.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcq.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCR    pdb1mcr.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcr.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCS    pdb1mcs.ent          human  VL/CL 2.7Å  vl_1mcs.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1MCW    pdb1mcw.ent          human  VL/CL 3.5A  vl_1mcw.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1WTL    pdb1wtl.ent          human  VL/CL 1.9Å  vl_1wtl.pdb (renumbered VK)
   2CD0    pdb2cd0.ent          human  VL/CL 1.8Å  vl_2cd0.pdb (renumbered VL)
   2MCG    pdb2mcg.ent          human  VL/CL 2.0Å  vl_2mcg.pdb (renumbered VL)
   3BJL    pdb3bjl.ent          human  VL/CL 2.3Å  vl_3bjl.pdb (renumbered VL)
   3MCG    pdb3mcg.ent          human  VL/CL 2.0Å  vl_3mcg.pdb (renumbered VL)
   4BJL    pdb4bjl.ent          human  VL/CL 2.4Å  vl_4bjl.pdb (renumbered VL)
   5LVE    pdb5lve.ent          human  VL/CL 2.0Å  vl_5lve.pdb (renumbered VK)


    ID  original PDB File   Source  Mol. Res.    Renumbered VL Domain      Renumbered VH Domain

   1AR2    pdb1ar2.ent          human    VL  2.8Å  vl_1ar2.pdb (renumbered VK) 
   1B0W    pdb1b0w.ent          human    VL  1.8Å  vl_1b0w.pdb (renumbered VK) 
   1BRE    pdb1bre.ent          human    VL  2.0Å  vl_1bre.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1BWW    pdb1bww.ent          human    VL  1.7Å  vl_1bww.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1CD0    pdb1cd0.ent          human    VL  1.9Å  vl_1cd0.pdb (renumbered VL) 
   1DCL    pdb1dcl.ent          human    VL  2.3Å  vl_1dcl.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1DGX    pdb1dgx.ent    human/synth    VL  Model vl_1dgx.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1DH4    pdb1dh4.ent    human/synth    VL  Model vl_1dh4.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1DH5    pdb1dh5.ent    human/synth    VL  Model vl_1dh5.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1DH6    pdb1dh6.ent    human/synth    VL  Model vl_1dh6.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1DH7    pdb1dh7.ent    human/synth    VL  Model vl_1dh7.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1DH8    pdb1dh8.ent    human/synth    VL  Model vl_1dh8.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1DH9    pdb1dh9.ent    human/synth    VL  Model vl_1dh9.pdb (renumbered VL)
   1EEQ    pdb1eeq.ent          human    VL  1.5Å  vl_1eeq.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1EEU    pdb1eeu.ent          human    VL  1.6Å  vl_1eeu.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1EFQ    pdb1efq.ent          human    VL  1.6Å  vl_1efq.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1IVL    pdb1ivl.ent          Ecoli    VL  2.2Å  vl_1ivl.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1LVE    pdb1lve.ent          human    VL  2.0Å  vl_1lve.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1MAJ    pdb1maj.ent         murine    VL   NMR  vl_1maj.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1MAK    pdb1mak.ent         murine    VL   NMR  vl_1mak.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1QAC    pdb1qac.ent          human    VL  1.8Å  vl_1qac.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1QP1    pdb1qp1.ent          human    VL  2.1Å  vl_1qp1.pdb (renumbered VK)
   1REI    pdb1rei.ent          human    VL  2.0Å  vl_1rei.pdb (renumbered VK)
   2IMM    pdb2imm.ent          human    VL  2.0Å  vl_2imm.pdb (renumbered VK)
   2IMN    pdb2imn.ent          human    VL  2.0Å  vl_2imn.pdb (renumbered VK)
   2LOI    pdb2loi.ent          human    VL  Model vl_2loi.pdb (renumbered VL)
   2LVE    pdb2lve.ent          human    VL  2.7Å  vl_2lve.pdb (renumbered VK)
   2RHE    pdb2rhe.ent          human    VL  1.6Å  vl_2rhe.pdb (renumbered VL)
   3LVE    pdb3lve.ent          human    VL  2.0Å  vl_3lve.pdb (renumbered VK)                                                        
   4LVE    pdb4lve.ent          human    VL  2.3Å  vl_4lve.pdb (renumbered VK) 


    ID  original PDB File   Source  Mol. Res.    Renumbered VL Domain      Renumbered VH Domain

   1BZQ    pdb1bzq.ent        camelid    VH  2.8Å                                vh_1bzq.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DHA    pdb1dha.ent    human/synth    VH  Model                               vh_1dha.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DHO    pdb1dho.ent    human/synth    VH  Model                               vh_1dho.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DHQ    pdb1dhq.ent    human/synth    VH  Model                               vh_1dhq.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DHU    pdb1dhu.ent    human/synth    VH  Model                               vh_1dhu.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DHV    pdb1dhv.ent    human/synth    VH  Model                               vh_1dhv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DHW    pdb1dhw.ent    human/synth    VH  Model                               vh_1dhw.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1DHZ    pdb1dhz.ent    human/synth    VH  Model                               vh_1dhz.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1F2X    pdb1f2x.ent        camelid    VH  2.1Å                                vh_1f2x.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1G6V    pdb1g6v.ent        camelid    VH  3.5Å                                vh_1g6v.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1HCV    pdb1hcv.ent        camelid    VH  1.9Å                                vh_1hcv.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1MEL    pdb1mel.ent        camelid    VH  2.5Å                                vh_1mel.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1QD0    pdb1qd0.ent        camelid    VH  2.5Å                                vh_1qd0.pdb (renumbered VH)
   1VHP    pdb1vhp.ent    human/synth    VH   NMR                                vh_1vhp.pdb (renumbered VH)

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