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Dr. Annemarie Honegger
University of Zürich
Dept. of Biochemistry
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41-1-635 55 62
Fax: +41-1-635 57 12

Dr. Annemarie Honegger

Annemarie Honegger (born September 15, 1955) studied biochemistry and computer science at the University of Zurich. Her interest in molecular modelling was kindled when in 1981/1982 she spent a year at the department of crystallography at Birkbeck College, London, to contribute to the developement of molecular graphics programs. The result of her work was presented at the founding meeting of the UK molecular graphics society and published in the very first issue of the Journal of Molecular Graphics. She obtained her PhD in biochemistry at Zürich University in 1985 for her work on the isolation and characterization of different forms of insulin-like growth factors (IGF I and II) from adult and fetal bovine serum.

From 1986-1990, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Dr. Yossi Schlessinger at the Revlon and Rorer / Rhone-Poulenc Biotechnology Research Center and from 1990 to 1993 as an assistant professor at the department of pharmacology at New York University , where she studied the effects of point mutations in the intracellular domain of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR/HER) on kinase activity, autophosphorylation, signal transduction and receptor trafficking.

Dr. Honegger rejoined the Department of Biochemistry at Zürich University in 1993 as a senior scientist in the group of Prof. Dr. Andreas Plückthun, where she specialized on the modelling and structural analysis of antibody single-chain fragments, the identification of mutations leading to improved stability and folding efficiency of these molecules and the design of artifical antibody libraries incorporating these improvements.

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