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Homology Modelling CDR Grafting Examples HuCAL Biophysical Properties Randomization Catalytic Antibodies

Critical Points for antibody scFV stability and folding efficency

Comparison of the thermodynamic stability and folding efficiency of the human germline consensus frameworks

Gln L6 and Gln/Glu H6: primer-induced changes of the N-terminal sequence

Core packing

Disulfide bonds and core tryptophan

Buried hydrophilic residues

Buried charge cluster (L77/L100 resp. H77/H100)

Residues with distinct conformational preferences:

Positions with conserved positive Phi torsion angles

Conserved Proline positions

Solvent exposed hydrophobic residues:

Contribution of domain interfaces to stability

The V/C interface

The Dimer interface

Problem spots by domain

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