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ab48 (anti-levan-antibody, natural antibody lacking the VH disulfide bond, unusual conformation of the unpaired Cys residue, evolution for increased stability by Stemmer mutagenesis and phage display selection, evolution of a functional single chain FV lacking both the VH and VL disulfide bond, from a disulfide-free antibody scFV to a hyperstable framework)

4D5-ab48 hybrid (ultra-stable framework, model/X-ray structure, influence of domain stability and interactions on scFV stability)

aL2 (anti-ampicillin antibody, model/X-ray structures, immunization with a labile antigen, extremly short CDR H3, epitope mapping, influence on H6, H7 and H9 on FR 1 conformation and stability, strand swap in an atypical diabody)

anti-GCN4 (model/x-ray structure, evolution of an extremly high affinity peptide binder by ribosome display)

anti-GCN4-hybrid loop graft (loop-graft to a hyperstable framework, VL lambda to kappa graft, influence of the murine lambda dimer interface on antigen recognition and stability, intrabody blocking GCN4-regulated gene expression)

moc31 (anti-EGP antibody, stabilization and humanization by resurfacing and by loop graft, effect of thermodynamic stability on in vitro and in-vivo half-life, pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution)

fitcE2 (anti-fluorescein antibody, model / X-rax-structures, Effects of mutations on affinity / Mutations to alter crystal packing to avoid involvment of Ag binding site in crystal contacts, correlation of macroscopic kinetic and thermodynamic parameters with atomic force microscopy data

anti-His (anti- C-terminal His4-tag, model/X-ray structure, stabilization and yield improvement by a series of designed point mutations, fusion proteins as western-blot detection reagents and low-cost immunaffinity purification reagents)

TrasS (VH Cystein-free),Tras X,

15a9 (catalytic antibody)

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