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Things to come:

An introduction to the immune system in general and the role of antibodies and TCRs in particular

Production of antisera, antibodies and antibody-derived constructs for medical, diagnostic and research use

An introduction to the structure of antibodies

Molecular modelling of antibody-derived constructs

Synthetic Antibody Libraries

Selection Methods:

Phage Display

Ribosome Display

In the meantime, have a look at some of the old "virtual seminars":

Troubleshooting antibody single-chain fragments:
AHo's Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy, a web-based collection of antibody engineering tools at

Proteine von Menschenhand:
Wie sich mit "Protein Engineering" ohne Tiere Antikörper gewinnen lassen
(in German)

Homology Modelling of Antibody Fragments:
Applications and Problems
Miniantibodies (A.Plückthun)
Ribosome display of functional proteins (A.Plückthun)
Filamentous phage architecture (A.Plückthun)
Phage Lambda DNA packaging (A.Plückthun)
Selectively infective phages (SIP) (A.Plückthun)
Molekulare Biowissenschaften:
Raumstruktur von Proteinen- Schlüssel zur Medizin der Zukunft
/ Modern Protein Science (in German)
PDB molecule of the month Sept. 2001: Antibodies
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